Saturday, January 2, 2010

October 2009

October is always a busy month for us filled with pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Abby's birthday and Halloween!! We went to The Maze again this year and all rode in the can train! It is a fast and bumpy ride but it was sure fun! We also managed to go to the Chilliwack maze, Laity Pumpkin Patch, and the Apple Barn!

Thank goodness for Daddy, he figured out the map and got us through the corn maze a lot faster than last year!!

Emma looks to be about four feet tall this fall!

Abby about three and a half feet tall this fall!

Jesse is approximately three feet tall this fall!

One of many Halloween outfits the kids have - I love this time of year!!!


October 18th Abby turned five. She wanted a Tinkerbell party, so Tinkerbell she got along with a pirate theme from Peter Pan. The girls got Tinkerbell and the boys got pirate things!!

I told the children that Captain Hook had stolen their loot bags so they needed to go on a treasure hunt to find them! The first clue led them to the sand table which I mixed with gems and sea shells. The second clue was to a bug cave where I had plastic insects everywhere, then they were sent to a large bin filled with water. Here I put the clue in a plastic bottle in the water with lots of plastic fish. Next they were sent to a mermaid cove which was Abby's bed on the bottom bunk! We hung white lights from the top and I hung rainbow coloured streamers then had flowers and mermaids on her bed. Finally they were sent into the garage where I had all their goodie bags in a big trunk with a huge X on top. We had Abby open the trunk and I had also put helium balloons inside so when she opened the lid the balloons floated up!!

Abby also requested spider cookies for her birthday, so I did my best!! While on the treasure hunt at each station was also some sort of candy goodie for each child to take. Of course the spider cookies were found at the bug cave!!

You can not have a Tinkerbell/pirate party without a pirate ship!! I took a box we had, painted it and turned it into a pirate ship. I even had a small treasure chest inside filled with the dollar store necklaces and some play jewellery we have. I found pirate flags, eye patches and hooks at the dollar store too!! We even had some wood that I put on the floor so the children could pretend to walk the plank!! It took a whole lot of preparation but it was all worth it at the end of the day!! The kids had a blast but most importantly so did the birthday girl!!

We started a new tradition a few years ago where my parents look after the other two children for the day and the birthday girl gets lots of attention from Mom and Dad on her special day! Abby chose to go for lunch, a movie and play at the park. We took her to Red Robin then we went to see the movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs! The most fun was the part of the day that was free - playing at the park!! Abby also wore her birthday princess crown the whole day!!:0)

Who knew - a leaf angel?!

For Halloween Jesse was a chef for preschool!! Love this costume!!
Here he is playing pirates with our pirate pumpkin!!!
Our pumpkin family this year!
Our traditional family photo with our pumpkins!
Yup, we can be silly too!!!!:0) This picture just cracks me up and puts a smile on my face!

For school Abby was a purple dinosaur and Emma was a panda bear. Jesse wanted to dress up too so he put on his Robin costume which he calls "red robin".
They all got a lot of loot on Halloween and Abby was the one who turned in early to rest her feet!! Jesse did great too and walked most of the night. When someone would ask who he was, his reply was "I am Lightening McQueen but my name is Jesse!!" Too funny!
Happy Halloween from our princess, our witch and our Lightening McQueen!!!!

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What a great party- did you make that cake? Awesome! You have some fantastic ideas!