Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year = New Blog!

I guess the first day of 2010 is as good as any day to start up my blog again!! I am still having a few issues with pictures but at least I have figured out how to add pictures again and I have a blogging friend who has offered some much needed help!! Let me just be perfectly honest - computers drive me CRAZY!! I get so frustrated!!!! Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a pretty cool book of my blog which I might not otherwise have done if these picture problems had not come up!!(yes I try to look at the positive in every problem!)
For my own purposes I am now playing catch up on my blog, so the next bunch of posts will cover September to December 2009! Then hopefully I will be back on track again!!!


Back to school again and thanks to Grandma the kids all have new gear! New backpacks, lunch bags and clothes!!
Emma is in second grade this year and she has two teachers Mrs.Lepine and Mrs.Johnson. So far loving both teachers which equals loving school which also makes for one happy Mama!!

Abby is in morning kindergarten and she got Mrs. Walker. The same teacher Emma had in kindergarten who is absolutely wonderful and she makes starting school a real blessing!!!

Jesse started preschool this year! He goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and he has two teachers - teacher Monica and teacher Trixie!! Again amazing teachers and Jesse loves going!! In fact he is so excited when he gets to preschool that he drops his jacket right on the floor at the door and is ready to play!! No separation anxiety here! I stayed one day a little longer than usual and Jesse said to me "Aren't you going yet Mommy?" - I think it is Mom with separation issues!!!!:0)

Back to the routine of school and sports activities. Dancing also started up. Emma is taking the same as last year musical theater and tap. Abby is taking ballet again and trying out musical theater for the first time!As much as we do not always like to admit it Roy and I both grew up bowling in the youth bowling program and we finally caved and let Emma join up this year. So she is officially a YBC bowler and she is loving it!!!

Abby and Jesse both tried out indoor soccer and had a blast! Jesse also started a Sportball group on Saturdays which is for Dad's and their children. Each week they learn a new sport! Emma's school also offered a new free reading program!! A teacher reads a few stories, they do a craft then hit the gym for a few games!! It is a wonderful program and as an added bonus we get a free book each week!!! Just because we are not busy enough, both girls are also taking piano!! It is Abby's first year and she loves it! Emma likes piano too, but not always the practicing part!!

Emma lost her second top tooth in September!! We can now sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" She looks cute with her missing teeth - she talks a little funny now and I am afraid what the adult teeth will look like!!!!Yikes!!!

Jesse's favorite cartoon on TV is the Backyardigans, and they came to our city so we bought tickets for Daddy and Jesse to have a boys day out!!
Roy said Jesse just sat with a stunned look on his face during most of the performance, but he sure had lots to tell us when he got home!! He was so excited that he got to see the 'REAL' backyardigans!!;0)

We love our local zoo and for Father's Day we bought Roy a half day experience with the Birds of Prey. He had a gorgeous September day working with hawks, owls and he got to hold the eagle!! Amazing!!!

He had a great day!!

Emma Abby and Jesse got to watch Daddy in the show then had their picture taken with Benson the barn owl!!
I am very happy to be back to blogging, lets hope I can find the time to keep up with it!!


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