Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 2012

Wow did February ever speed by me fast!! I cannot believe how quickly the month went!

It has been quite the month for us. We have temporarily added another member to our family!! Tomas is an exchange student who has joined our family until the summer! He is 13 years old, he is from Columbia and we are both excited and nervous to have him!! This is our first student so we are learning as we go and hopefully giving Tomas a great Canadian experience while he is here!!

We found out on a Thursday that Tomas would be arriving on Monday so our weekend turned into building a wall and making a bedroom in our basement for him!! Thank you Dad for all your advice and help on building the wall! My Dad, my husband and my daughter all did a great job!! Abby and Jesse were the supervisors but they were busy playing with toys too!!!:0) My Mom and I did the shopping and organizing of his room!!
Here is a before picture - no wall yet!!
A wall (just needs a little paint) and a door!!!!
We hope he enjoys his new room!!!!
The kids were so excited, they each drew him a welcome to our home picture!!!
A little walk down memory lane: Valentine's Day 2010
Valentine's Day 2011
Valentine's Day 2012!
I borrowed the paper heart and red cloth from the Kindergarten teacher I work with!! I loved her idea so much that I brought it home for my children!! Thank you Monique!!
Emma's valentine's for her friends at school were hand made fortune cookies!! She got the idea from her American girl magazine and they turned out super cute!! The 'cookie' part is made out of coloured felt and each one had a separate funny fortune inside!!

Abby made these adorable bookmarks for her class friends!! Easy to make and they turned out great!!

Jesse's valentine's for his Kindergarten friends were lollipops tuned superhero!! The cape says "Have a SUPER Valentine's Day" and Jesse wrote his friends names on the back!! Fun fun fun!
The girls have both been asking us to get their ears pierced so I figured now would be a good time! This way their ears are healed before summer and maybe they can change them by the fall! Emma had her ears pierced when she was six, but one ear kept getting infected and the hole was way too low!!

Here is the before picture:
Here is the after:
Poor Emma was trying to be so brave but it hurt a lot more the second time round!!! She was trying to be tough for her sister, Abby was smiles all around though!! I am loving it this time too, because the girls help each other out and clean each others ears!! Yippieeee!!
Jesse is 100 days smarter!! He has been in school for 100 days!!!
Emma lost another tooth this month! Bottom right side of her mouth! The tooth fairy brought two dollars for this tooth!!
This is probably the last time you will see Jesse in a pink shirt! He got the shirt from his big cousin Christian and wore it to school for anti-bully day! He ended up crying after school because one of the girls in his class kept telling him it was a girls shirt!!Poor guy:0(
Everyone decked out in their pink gear for school!
Well February was sure a busy month for us!! Looking forward to all the things March brings us and especially spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0)

February - Looking Back

I am a few days behind on my February post - the end of the month came and went too quickly for me. Anyway when I was looking back on old pictures I wanted to post a few from the 2010 Winter Olympics that Vancouver hosted!! I did not expect it to be such a fun and thrilling experience! A memory we will talk about for a long time! Canada is a wonderful country to live in. In the picture below are our three munchkins dressed in red and white, carrying their Olympic mascots and ready to cheer "Go Canada Go!"
On my Dad's 65th birthday we all took the sky train downtown to check out the festivities. It was my dad's first time on the sky train. My Mom and Dad are in the picture below along with my sister Shawna and niece Kendra. My hubby Roy and kiddo's too!!

A family picture in front of the Olympic flame!!
One of my favorite memories of the Olympics was seeing everyone dressed in their Canada red and white, and how happy and friendly everyone was! We would be walking down the street and someone would just start singing "Oh Canada" It was an atmosphere filled with excitement and pride!!
Another great memory was when both the women and men's hockey teams won the gold medal!!!! The men's game was sure a nail biter but what an amazing end!!!
The picture below shows the sea of red!! The Olympics were fantastic and we are proud to say we are Canadian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Starting Again!!

Yes I am back into the blogging world and I am so excited!! I feel like I am re-learning how to do everything!

I am a Mom of three amazing children and this is the story of our lives. Now that I am back, I am setting small goals for myself and plan to blog once a month about the adventures of our family! Two years ago when my blog froze due to an overload of pictures, I was overwhelmed when I got too far behind! I really did miss blogging so now I am back! I may post things from the past two years just for me to be able to look back on all our memories!! I am not sure if anyone will read this except my own family but if you do stop by - enjoy and feel free to comment!!

Here we go........

January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

This year our family rung in the New Year by blowing horns, hooting and hollering and toasting with apple juice in wine glasses!! It was the first year we let all three kids stay up until midnight and they all made it! Every New Year's Eve we order in pizza, play games, watch a movie and then cheer for the new year!! This year we played a new game called 'Headbandz' which ended up being really fun! We also managed to have time for Monopoly which is the kids favorite family game!!

Here is a little peek down memory lane.....2011 & 2010
Roller blades was the big present for Christmas this year and boy have they been anxious to try them out!! Luckily we have had a few days with no rain and no snow in January so the kids got to roll, roll, roll!!!

Even Dad got in on the fun!! I prefer taking the pictures!!:0)

Here they come!
I Love how Jesse is watching his Dad in this picture, and they are both having a blast!


The snow has arrived!! Saturday January 14th we woke up to peaceful whiteness!! I love the snow as long as I do not have to drive in it!! If I can play in it with the kids then come inside and snuggle under a warm blanket by the fire with hot chocolate - that is a good day!!

A little child labour doesn't hurt right? Especially when they WANT to shovel, I say put them to work!!:0)
???? Jesse's path was a little crooked!!!
Of course after work... It.Is.PLAYTIME!!!

This was Emma's favorite sled!!
Abby will always be known as our 'snow eater'!!
Jesse was so brave, he was even trying the jumps!!
Snow-filled, exhausted and ready for some hot chocolate!!
Our backyard!
On the left side of the picture is where our boat sandbox is, but can you see it under all that white?!!
A quick summary of our January looks like this:
-Getting Christmas decorations put away
-Playing with all our new gifts
-Getting back into routine of school and activities
-A week of fun in the snow + 2 snow days!!:0)
-A few dinners with friends and family
-The cold and flu bug hit the smallest two!:0(
-I am trying to figuring out pinterest
-Starting my blog again!!